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According to Chinese medicine theories, physical pain may imply body disorders. Internal imbalances and the accumulation of toxins are common amongst city dwellers today. Stress and work pressure, poor sleep quality, insufficient exercise, poor dietary habits can all reduce resistance to illness and contribute to muscular and skeletal pain. Fortune Foot massage treatment follows the traditional theory of nerves, arteries and veins. It presses the body’s acupuncture points manually to increase blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and enhance anti-toxic and self repair functions so as to address overall health.

foot massage
body massage

Foot Massage / Reflexology

  • HK$228 (50 mins)

  • HK$268 (60 mins)

  • HK$368 (90 mins)


Body Massage Therapy

  • HK$289 (50 mins)

  • HK$328 (60 mins)

  • HK$468 (90 mins)

Aromatherapy Body Massage

  • HK$338 (50 mins)

  • HK$368 (60 mins)

  • HK$498 (90 mins)

Lymphatic Massage

  • HK$438 (50 mins)

  • HK$488 (60 mins)

  • HK$668 (90 mins)


Foot + Neck Shoulder Massage

  • HK$298 (50+15 mins)

  • HK$328 (60+15 mins)

  • HK$328 (30+30 mins)

body massage

HK$328 Foot Massage 30 mins + Pedicure (Shanghai Style)  

HK$188 (30 mins) Foot Massage / Reflexology       


HK$218 (30 mins) Head Neck & Shoulder

HK$198 (25 mins) Chinese Scraping / Cupping      

HK$198 (25 mins) Pedicure - Shanghai Style  

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